Dynamic Academic Network at TASIS England
Upper and Middle School Online Curriculum
Visual Arts Theatre Music Computing English & A1 ESL Foreign Lang History Humanities  Mathematics US PE MS PE Science Skills
Art 5 Drama 5 Music 5 Comp Graphics Literacy 5 ESL Int MS 5th French Hist 5 Cult/Values Math 5 Bad 9-10 Dance 5 Science 5 5th Skills
Art 6 Drama 6 Music 6 ICT 1  Eng 6 ESL Adv MS Beg French Hist 6 Man & Measure Math 6 Invasion 9-10 Gym 5 Science 6 6th Skills 1
Art 7 Drama 7 Music 7 AP Comp Sc Eng 7 ESL Pro MS Int French Hist 7 TOK Y1 Math 7 Life 9-10 Lacrosse 5 Science 7 6th Skills 2
Art 8 Drama 8 Music 8 Web Design Eng 8 ESL Adv Comp MS Adv French Hist 8 TOK Y2 PreAlgebra Orient 9-10 Soccer 5 Science 8 Approach
Photo 8 Into Act Choir 6 Inter Prog MS Journalism IB Eng B Y1 MS 5th Spanish Anc & Med AP Art History MS Algebra 1 Rugby 9-10 Tennis 5 Biology
Intro to Art Theatre Arts Choir 7   TASIS TV IB Eng B Y2 MS Beg Spanish West Civ   Algebra 1 Soccer 9-10 Track 5 Phys Sci
Draw/Pai 1  Ensemble Choir 8
Eng 9   MS Int Spanish Wld H Int 1   Geometry  Team 9-10 Volley 5 Bio Int
Draw/Pai 2 IB Theat Y1 Band 6   Eng 10   MS Adv Spanish Wld H Int 2   Algebra 2  Tennis 9-10 Bad 6 Chemistry
IB Vis Art Y1 IB Theat Y2 Band 7   Eng 11   MS Latin US History   Pre Calc Volley 9-10 Hand 6 IB Bio Y1
IB Vis Art Y2   Band 8   Eng 12   French 1 AP US History   AP Stats
Life 6 IB Bio Y2
Ceramics   Choir   AP Eng Lang   French 2 US Hist Int   AP Calc AB
Move 6 AP Bio
Sculpture   Chamber Ens   AP Eng Lit   IB ab Y2 French  AP Human Geography   AP Calc BC
Team 6 IB Chem Y1
Printmaking   Jazz Ens   IB Eng A Y1   French 3  One World   IB Math St Y1
Track 6 IB Chem Y2
Photo 1    Intro Mus Th   IB Eng A Y2   French 4 AP Econ   IB Math St Y2
Lacrosse 7 AP Chem
Photo 2    AP Mus Th   IB Eng A-LL Y1   IB Fr Y1 B AP Gov   IB Math SL Y1
Life 7 IB Phys Y1

  IB Music Y1   IB Eng A-LL Y2   IB Fr Y2 B AP Eu Hist   IB Math SL Y2
Move 7 IB Phys Y2

  IB Music Y2   Eng 9-10 Int   AP French  Debate   IB Math HL Y1
Soccer 7 AP Physics

  IntroMusTech   Eng 11 Int
Spanish 1 You/Law   IB Math HL Y2
Team 7 Env Sci

  Eng 12 Int   Spanish 2 IB Psych Y1  
Track 7 AP Env Sci

  Journalism   Spanish 3 IB Psych Y2  
Dance 8 IB ESS Y1

  IB Ger A1 Y1   Spanish 4 IB Hist Y1  
Hockey 8 K-12Benchmarks

IB Ger A1 Y2
IB Sp Y1 B IB Hist Y2
Life 8

IB Spa A1 Y1
IB Sp Y2 B IB Econ Y1
Team 8

IB Spa A1 Y2
AP Spanish IB Econ Y2
Track 8

IB Russ A1 Y1
German 1
Volley 8

IB Russ A1 Y2
German 2
Health 7

IB Self A1 Y1
German 3
Health 8

IB Self A1 Y2
Geran 4

IB Italian A1 Y1
Latin 1

IB Italian A1 Y2
Latin 2